Delivering safety, durability, and affordability.

Since 1975, Crestline has proudly dedicated itself to manufacturing top-quality emergency vehicles that meet the rigorous demands of EMS professionals. Our commitment to excellence is exemplified in the development of the CCL 150 ambulance, specifically designed for the unique needs of the US market. Offered in a Type I or Type III configuration, the CCL 150 provides emergency services professionals with an affordable and reliable solution to effectively respond to any situation.

Discover the CCL 150 ambulance.

Type I

The CCL 150 Type I ambulance was designed with fire departments in mind, focusing on optimized comfort in the front cab, more load capacity, and 4x4, gasoline, and chassis options. It features a 72" interior headroom.

Type III

The CCL 150 Type III ambulance is an excellent choice for EMS departments who desire increased durability and reliability with worry-free maintenance and readily available parts. It features a 68" interior headroom.

Packed with practical standard features that help you do your job.

Crestline continues to inspire industry standards through its commitment to continuous improvement and quality products. Best known for its brand promise, Crestline produces safe and durable ambulances at an affordable price. Their value-based product is reliable and loaded with exclusive standard features, including its industry-leading Lifetime Paint Warranty and Lifetime Structural Warranty.

We are committed to reducing lead times to better serve you.

Our #1 priority is reducing lead time to ensure the needs of our customers and community are met. That’s why our production facility expanded in 2023 with an additional 30,000 square feet, now totaling 110,000 square feet for manufacturing. Paving the way for enhanced production capabilities, this expansion is about accelerating our production to meet a significant backlog and rising demand for the CCL 150 while improving lead times.

This expansion is a testament to our commitment to delivering safe, durable, and affordable ambulances with exceptional value.