CCL 150

Explicitly designed for the US market and available as a Type 1 or Type 3 ambulance.

The CCL 150 was explicitly designed for the US market and is available internationally to customers outside of Canada. Available as a Type 1 or Type 3 ambulance, this model quickly became popular in the United States. Crestline has produced nearly 400  units in less than four years. Every unit shipped abroad is a source of pride for our entire production team in Saskatoon.

The CCL 150 is an affordable, durable, and safe ambulance option. Packed with practical standard features and available with limited options, it offers high value. Standardization for numerous systems creates a familiar environment for EMS professionals and ease of maintenance for fleet operators. This model is an excellent choice for any service. It is easy to maintain and remount, lowering the cost of ownership

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Step inside the CCL 150

Get a detailed tour of the CCL 150 model from popular paramedic Sam Boyer-Groff. He does a fantastic job highlighting the features that matter most from a paramedic’s point of view.

Visit the CCL 150 website for more information.

Are you located outside of the United States or Canada?
International customers should contact our International Sales Team for more information. 

Check out some CCL 150 ambulances delivered to the United States.

McFee Ambulance
Mexico, New York, United States
Whitemarsh Community Ambulance Association
Lafayette Hill, Pennsylvania, United States
Saint Claire's Health System EMS
Denville, New Jersey, United States
Tucumari Fire Rescue
Tucumcari, New Mexico, United States
City of Bethlehem
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, United States
Old Bridge Township Emergency Medical Services
Old Bridge, New Jersey, United States
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