Ambulances for Sale

New or used, our ambulances make a difference in saving lives.

Looking for an ambulance for sale? You are in good hands with Crestline.

We offer several purchasing options to accommodate your service requirements, timeframe, and budget. A new ambulance will deliver the latest technology and options available. An ambulance remount will prolong the life of your care module and make the most of your initial investment. A used ambulance will deliver a reconditioned module on a new chassis with a quick turnaround. Whatever you choose, we guarantee a reliable, safe, and durable ambulance so you can operate as smoothly as possible.

New Ambulances

Renew or grow your fleet with our current ambulance models featuring the latest options available.

Ambulance Remounts

Compliment your fleet size planning with a remount strategy which is earth friendly, cost-effective and with shorter lead times. Extend the life of your care module by only replacing the chassis!

Used Ambulances

Need a vehicle fast? Get a pre-owned ambulance reconditioned by our experts for peace of mind.

Trust Crestline to find the right ambulance for sale to meet your needs.

For nearly 50 years, Crestline has been designing and producing emergency vehicles that help the world’s paramedics save lives. With more than 16,000 units produced, our company has a long history of success. Thanks to our customer feedback and continuous improvement, our engineers keep working on product feature enhancement to improve paramedics’ working conditions and efficiency.

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New Era

The New Era is the most popular ambulance among large urban fleets due to its easy handling in congested streets. It features squad bench seating, plenty of cabinet space, and room for equipment storage.

FleetMax Next Generation

Redesigned with a focus on the paramedic and how they work, this ambulance is the perfect fit for urban and rural services. The top-quality model offers enhanced safety, value-driven features, and helpful technologies.

CCL 150

The CCL 150 was specially designed to meet the US market’s need for an ambulance, offering safety and durability at an affordable price. Unfortunately, it is not available to services in Canada.

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Discover our extended product lineup, including Type I, II, and III ambulances and patient transfer vehicles.

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Our ambulances are available on Ford and GM chassis. Check what model is available on which chassis.

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We are committed to an exceptional experience before, during, and after the sale.

At Crestline, our mission doesn’t stop at vehicle delivery. Our commitment to our customers goes well beyond the product. We have trained an outstanding team dedicated to supporting your ambulances from when they leave our facility to their decommissioning. From preventive maintenance through remote reprogramming to collision repair, our team is ready to support you in the most efficient way to get your vehicles back on the road as soon as possible.

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