Type I / Type 1 Ambulances

Heavy-duty ambulances that are built to perform in the toughest conditions.

A Type I / Type 1 ambulance is a truck-based emergency vehicle. The front cabin looks like a pickup truck, and there is a slight gap at the junction where the chassis meets the care module. A small communication window (known as a pass-through) allows communication between the driver in the cab and the paramedics in the module.

Very popular in the United States and International markets, Type 1 ambulances are designed for heavy-duty applications and harsh environments. Mounted on a rugged chassis, they are available in a 4 x 4 version with a diesel engine. Designed to help paramedics respond in the most extreme conditions, Type 1 ambulance models are often more powerful, bigger, and heavier than other types.

Crestline manufactures one of the most popular Type 1 ambulance models in the US market, the CCL 150. In fact, hundreds of CCL 150 Type 1 ambulances are shipped to the United States from our Saskatoon facility each year. It has become a favorite among departments because it delivers safety and durability at an affordable price. 

Our Type 1 Ambulance Models

CCL 150

The CCL 150 was specially designed to meet the US market’s need for an ambulance, offering safety and durability at an affordable price. Unfortunately, it is not available to services in Canada.

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Demers Type 1 Ambulances

The MXP 150 and the MXP 170 Type 1 ambulance models from Demers combine a heavy-duty structure with high-end design. Various features, integrated innovations, and spacious interiors offer versatility. Demers Type 1 ambulances are built for the long run.

Braun Type 1 Ambulances

While some manufacturers lead by type, Braun leads by model. This delivers more flexibility and options on a Type 1 ambulance than other brands. The Express Plus (150”), Liberty (156”), Chief XL (169”), Super Chief (170”), and TLC (191”) models are all available in a Type 1 configuration.

Medix Type 1 Ambulances

Medix offers five Type 1 ambulance models. This includes their AL 171, Metro Express 153, Metro Express RP90ES, MVS-II 157, and MSV-II 170. Medix ambulances deliver a safe, efficient, and effective emergency vehicle with some of the highest usable payloads in the industry.