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General Info

In Canada, you can buy Crestline ambulances directly from us. In other countries, you can get them through an authorized dealer. Check our Sales Team page to get your regional contact information.

Refer to the service tag located on the ECC door to identify vehicle manufacture date, VIN & Crestline Unit #, and type/variant information. This will assist in identifying the correct parts for the intended vehicle.

It would help to plan your fleet procurement at least 18-24 months out. Our ambulances are built to your specifications, meaning production is by order. Add to this any budget approval process you may be subject to, the opening of manufacturers’ order books, and its production schedule. In order to get your units on time, you must plan your orders sooner than later. Contact us to start the process today.

For now, Crestline ambulances are gas-powered only. However, that doesn’t mean we will not offer alternative fuel options in the future. Stay tuned! If you are looking for electric ambulances, please check our electric ambulance page.

Yes, we will perform a detailed inspection to value your trade-in. If you want to sell a used ambulance, you can request a trade-in valuation.

Yes, Crestline exports ambulances in 43 counties. From South America to Asia to Africa, we provide ambulances to paramedics worldwide. Check our Sales Team page to contact our International Sales Manager.


You have two options to order parts from us:

  1. Call our Customer Care Parts Specialists at 1-800-363-7591
  2. Submit a part request by clicking here.

Any order placed before 1pm with parts in stock will ship same day. We keep inventory to fulfill our customer’s orders on the spot. Regular orders can take 2-3 business days, depending on the carrier selected.

Call our Customer Care Parts hotline at 1-800-363-7591. Our parts specialists know our ambulances inside and out and can help you find the right part to get your ambulance back on the road. Not sure what to order? Call us; our specialists have access to the technical drawings of your ambulances and can verify the parts’ compatibility with your unit.

Of course, we have ambulances in service worldwide and can ship parts anywhere!

We sell generic parts such as mirrors or other chassis components that can be installed in any Ford E Series. However, if you are looking for ambulance OEM parts, we only focus on Crestline and Demers genuine parts. Check our online parts catalogue to learn more.

Of course, we can sell you winter tires for your ambulance. Please note that OEMs require us to sell new ambulances with their original tires installed. If you want winter tires, we will deliver them as an extra. For current or used ambulances, we can swap them for you to make it easier.


You have two options to book an appointment. You can call us at 1-800-363-7591 or submit a service request by clicking here.

Our Customer Care hotline is available 24/7 for emergencies; please call us at  1-800-363-7591 for immediate assistance.

Yes, we can proceed remotely. Our Customer Care team will need an Interface to access your ambulance data. This device is a gateway enabling duplex communication between USB and CAN protocols. Our Specialist can operate under the manufacturer’s license to perform Multiplex programming on your behalf. Call us at  1-800-363-7591 for reprogramming.

We have two Customer Care Centres:

Book an appointment at 1-800-363-7591 or submit a service request by clicking here.

We can accommodate our customers, no matter the brand or the type of vehicle. Please get in touch with us at  1-800-363-7591 or submit a service request to confirm our ability to service your vehicle.

Yes, our Customer Care can train your tech team on demand. We can arrange training sessions, online or on-site, for your team upon request. Please contact the Customer Care Hotline at 1-800-363-7591 or submit a service request.

Yes, we remount Crestline and Demers ambulances in our Remounts Centres. To learn more about the process, please visit the Remount page.

Warranty &
Ambulance Maintenance

Upon delivery of your ambulance, the warranty documents includes a warranty registration form that must be filled out and sent back through the embedded submit button.

Manuals are available online and will be available upon warranty reghistration.

Demers-Crestline Customer Care Service Centres are the authorized service centre to perform warranty repairs on Crestline ambulances. Suppose a third-party involvement is necessary to perform your repair, they must fill out a warranty acknowledgment form prior to doing any work and submit it to our Warranty specialist so we can approve the repair. Please contact Customer Care before beginning work on a vehicle under warranty. Contact our warranty specialist at 1-800-363-7591 or

The warranty terms for your ambulance are provided with the documentation of the ambulance.

Call us immediately before engaging in any repair on your vehicle. Our Customer Care will help you minimize downtime. Contact our warranty specialist at 1-800-363-7591 or

The Crestline warranty is attached to the original owner of the ambulance. The original OEM warranty does not apply if you bought a used ambulance.

The lifetime warranty on paint applies only if the ambulance care module has been repainted or repaired by Crestline Ambulances on remounting. If the original module has not been repaired or repainted and is still being possessed by the primary owner, then the original unlimited warranty will continue.

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