Type III / Type 3 Ambulances

Our Type 3 ambulances are safe and reliable, designed to make your life easier.

Type III / Type 3 ambulances are the most popular in Canada. They are mounted on cutaway chassis, which makes them easily recognizable with a more integrated silhouette. In addition, this structure allows more accessible exchanges between the front cab and the care module. Depending on the model, some Type 3 ambulances feature a door or larger window, enabling better communication between paramedics and drivers during interventions. 

Available on Ford or GM platforms, our Type 3 ambulances are recognized by our customers worldwide for their durability and reliability. 

Our Type 3 Ambulance Models

New Era

The New Era is the most popular ambulance among large urban fleets due to its easy handling in congested streets. It features squad bench seating, plenty of cabinet space, and room for equipment storage.

FleetMax Next Generation

Redesigned with a focus on the paramedic and how they work, this ambulance is the perfect fit for urban and rural services. The top-quality model offers enhanced safety, value-driven features, and helpful technologies.

CCL 150

The CCL 150 was specially designed to meet the US market’s need for an ambulance, offering safety and durability at an affordable price. Unfortunately, it is not available to services in Canada.

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Browse Type 3 ambulances from our partner brands.

Demers Type 3 Ambulances

Explore more Type 3 ambulance models on the Demers Ambulance website. Preloaded with high-end features, the MX 152, MX 164, and MX 170 are designed to offer an ergonomic and comfortable environment for both paramedics and patients.

Braun Type 3 Ambulances

Braun offers two premium ambulance models in a Type 3 configuration. The Chief XL is a 169” module. The Express is a 144” module. Both come on 2 chassis options and offer the best of Braun with limitless features and all-customizable options.

Medix Type 3 Ambulances

Medix sells three Type 3 models: the Metro Express 166, Metro Express RP90ES, and the MSV-II 170. With preset options and standard features, Medix models challenge the status quo to help you save lives as safely, effectively, and efficiently as possible.