Industry-leading Warranty

When every second counts, reliability must be uncompromising.

Paramedics are time fighters. To save seconds, they need an ambulance that is reliable and functional all the time. Our ambulance warranty policy demonstrates Crestline’s commitment to meeting this challenge. We made the process and procedures to help keep your vehicles on the road at all times. 

Do you have a warranty claim to process?

Customer Care must approve all warranty claims before any work may begin. Submit your claim online or contact us at or at 1-800-363-7591.

Find out what Crestline's new ambulance warranty coverage includes.

The following statements are standard to our warranty and may differ from your contract specifics. To learn more about your warranty conditions, please contact our Warranty Specialist at 1-800-363-7591.

Covers Crestline manufactured conversion products for defects in workmanship and materials. It includes electrical harness coverage but excludes certain supplier-installed items.

Refers to warranties provided by OEMs for their components, covering items such as paint, decals, sirens, and entertainment systems.

Covers the modular aluminum body’s structural integrity for the product’s life in its intended use, limited to the original owner and the original chassis.

Covers the CrestCoat powder paint finish on the modular aluminum body for its life while on the original chassis, including repairs for certain defects.

Crestline also warrants the Remounts performed at one of Crestline's facilities.

This warranty applies only if the ambulance care module has been repainted or repaired by Crestline Ambulances on remounting. If the original module has not been repaired or repainted and is still being possessed by the primary owner, then the original unlimited warranty will continue.

*Conditions and limitations apply. Read your full Warranty Terms and conditions to learn more.

If the remount is performed before the expiration of the original modular body structure limited warranty, the remainder of the modular body structure limited warranty will remain in effect. This is on the condition that the remount work is performed by Crestline Ambulances personnel or a Crestline Ambulances approved facility, and the ambulance still belongs to the original owner.

*Conditions and limitations apply. Read your full Warranty Terms and conditions to learn more.

2 years or 60 000 kilometres warranty, whichever occurs first. The electrical system and materials shall be free from defects in materials and workmanship, solely for parts installed or replaced during the remount process. Crestline Ambulances shall repair any such defect in the Electrical System and Materials and Workmanship free of charge for parts and labour during such period.

*Conditions and limitations apply. Read your full Warranty Terms and conditions to learn more.

Warranty Claim Procedure Summary

  1. Contact an authorized Crestline Ambulances dealer or Customer Care at 1-800-363-7591 or with vehicle details.

  2. Fill out the warranty claim form in Owner’s Manual and email it to Crestline Ambulance Customer Care within 30 days of the alleged failure.

  3. Upon approval, replacement parts will be sent, and defective parts must be returned within 30 days for no charge if confirmed defective. Note: Send claimed defective part and form within 30 days to avoid a replacement part invoice.

  4. Warranty work must be done by a Crestline Ambulances authorized service center.

  5. Obtain authorization from Crestline Ambulances for warranty work; submit approved invoices within 90 days for reimbursement.

These warranties are conditional upon normal use and regular maintenance. Crestline is not responsible for the chassis warranty, which falls under the manufacturer’s responsibility. The warranty is issued to the original owner and requires repairs to be approved by Crestline before commencement. The vehicle should not be misused or abused, and regular maintenance is necessary. Crestline will cover the cost of necessary repairs at their discretion.

The warranties do not cover certain items such as latch adjustments, damage from accidents or misuse, general tightening of hardware, tire-related issues, upholstery damage, and normal maintenance services. Crestline is not liable for incidental or consequential damages, and not all repairs are due to defects in materials or workmanship, as external factors can also cause defects.

How about the chassis warranty coverage?

To ensure that your ambulance meets your expectations for the duration of its service, we recommend contacting and maintaining a relationship with your local dealer, as the chassis manufacturer provides the new vehicle limited and emissions performance warranties. If you are unsure who your closest chassis dealer representative is, Crestline can assist you in establishing contact. 

To learn about your chassis warranty coverage, contact our customer care hotline. You can also visit the chassis manufacturer’s website using the links below.

Ford Chassis

Learn more on their website.

Chevrolet Chassis

Learn more on their website.