Ambulance Inspection Services

Get your vehicles inspected by factory-trained technicians

Spring promotion - Valid until April 30, 2024

Just like any other vehicles, ambulances are prone to breakdowns and require regular maintenance and checks. The difference lies in the fact that ambulances are not just ordinary vehicles: they serve as an essential workspace and a second home for paramedics, as well as a vital environment for patients. Who is better qualified to conduct inspections? Our specialized technicians are factory-trained by our production teams; they are intimately familiar with your ambulances and can identify any signs that could lead to downtime. Proactively identifying potential issues allows you to avoid unexpected out-of-service situations and lengthy, costly repairs. Our Customer Care team is dedicated to keeping your vehicles performing and operational from the factory exit to the end of their service life so that they can contribute to saving as many lives as possible.


Valid until April 30, 2024
$ 289
per ambulance
  • Interior and exterior inspection
  • A/C function test
  • Top-up of refrigerant* if required

At our Service Centre or at your location

Schedule an inspection with our experts and minimize the risk of downtime. This proactive approach enables our specialists to detect and correct any potential problems, ensuring the smooth operation of every component. Avoid costly future repairs by choosing between these two options:

Book an appointment at one of our service centers.

Near Saskatoon, SK or Beloeil, QC? Your ambulance will benefit from quality care from our qualified technicians, in a controlled environment.

Arrange a on-site inspection.

Get your vehicles inspected by our mobile service technician at your location. Enjoy the convenience of having our expert come to you. We understand the urgency, so rest assured, we’ll be there fast (fees may apply). 

Our Ambulance Inspection Program

  • Check and lubricate the door switches with penetrating lubricant
  • Check safety warning lamps (door ajar, speed, etc.) for proper operation
  • Check back-up alarm device
  • Check and clean back-up camera
  • Check and clean interior camera
  • Check and clean LCD screen of the camera system
  • Check for any loose or worn components of the suspension system
  • Check siren speakers
  • Check seat belts and seat latches for wear and malfunction
  • Check and lubricate the door handles with white lithium grease
  • Check and lubricate the door locks and lock barrel with lubricant
  • Check, clean and, if necessary, lubricate the door hinges
  • Check, clean and lubricate the door weatherstrip with silicone emulsion
  • Check door emergency release latches
  • Check cooling system fluid level and coolant strength
  • Check cooling system lines
  • Check quick release oxygen bracket and tight if necessary
  • A/C function test 
  • Top-up of regrigerant if required (* up to 0.5 lbs. of refrigerant included in the pricing)

Inspection Booking Request

Schedule your maintenance with us.

Leverage our OEM expertise to limit unscheduled downtime and keep your fleet operational at all times.