Used Ambulances

Every pre-owned ambulance we put back on the road is mission ready.

Safety is our top priority. Before placing a used ambulance for sale in the market, our Customer Care team carefully inspects the vehicle for worn or defective parts. Then, our certified technicians refurbish the ambulance following our proven manufacturing standards and using our genuine parts. At the end of the process, we perform a detailed vehicle inspection so you can confidently purchase a pre-owned ambulance.

Looking to sell your used ambulance?

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We recondition used ambulances for sale.

When purchasing a used ambulance, we perform a detailed vehicle inspection to identify defects. We aim to ensure the ambulance is compliant should it pass the provincial inspection.

We repair or replace all the components to ensure the used ambulance is defect-free. For example, we usually work on brakes, suspension, steering parts, tires, and alignment on the chassis. We also perform road tests to confirm the operability of a unit.

If the used ambulance is suitable to be recommissioned as an emergency vehicle, we ensure that all emergency functions are operational. For example, we ensure the oxygen system is leak free and functional. We also repair the HVAC, lights, converter, benches, and safety belts. If a PowerLoad is included, we make sure that the system is operational. We will replace the battery or stretcher if needed as well.

Before delivering a reconditioned used ambulance, we ensure that it complies with the regulations of the province, state, or country where it will be returned to service.