Patient Transfer Units

Get your medical transport vehicles from a trusted manufacturer.

We observe a growing demand for non-emergency patient transport vehicles. Especially in remote communities, ambulance services are often called upon to accompany patients who need assistance getting to their hospital medical appointments. This growing need diverts paramedics from their primary mission and ties up ambulances that could respond to critical situations. A non-emergency transport vehicle keeps paramedics and ambulances focused on time-sensitive, life-threatening interventions while facilitating access to care for those in need.

Our patient transfer unit is available for purchase through our Bus Division. As part of the same company, the Bus Division benefits from all our knowledge and experience to offer patient transfer units worthy of carrying the Crestline brand. We share our engineers and resources to produce these medical transport vehicles, which involve a certain degree of customization depending on your needs. Our patient transfer units undergo the same tests and quality controls as our ambulances so you can provide secure, reliable and trusted transportation solutions to your patients.

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Crestline's patient transfer unit is packed with features.

Mounted on a Ford Transit chassis, patient transfer units are non-emergency vehicles that transfer patients who require medical attention. This kind of vehicle differs from ambulances; they do not support emergency lights or sirens. However, they are equipped with some additional features compared to a traditional healthcare van, such as: