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A Bigger Impact, Together

Leverage the power of a larger group to boost your career!

By joining Crestline, you become part of a team of four strong brands committed to shaping the future of healthcare transportation. A collective team of industry experts, at the forefront of EMS innovation, with each brand having its unique specialization. Working together has enabled us to achieve a high degree of alignment between our divisions and the group, particularly with our values that apply to all employees, regardless of location.

One out of every three ambulances operating in North America was manufactured by our group.

Well-established, each of the four brands has a long history and a proven track record as an industry leader. As we have grown into a larger group, we have had the opportunity to harness the best attributes from each company. We have articulated this in our mission, vision, and values, which bind us together and speak to every employee. They also reflect that we are much more alike than when we were independent. Size, scale, and the ability to grow go hand in hand with the opportunity for employee career growth within our organization. We are committed to honouring history while forging a future that will enable us to achieve our goals and yours.

Joining a global company with an international footprint opens up endless opportunities for talented individuals. By becoming part of such an organization, you gain exposure to a vast array of cultures, industries, and perspectives. This global reach allows for cross-collaboration and knowledge sharing, fostering personal and professional growth. Working across various brands and markets broadens your skill set, enhances adaptability, and strengthens your understanding of your profession. Additionally, you can build an extensive network, share information with more peers, and leverage the power of a larger group to grow your career.

We draw our versatility from diversity.

The four brands bring together over 1,200 employees in 12 production and service centers in North America. Hundreds of talented individuals from abroad work with us. Whether Canadian, Mexican, Filipino, Indian, Iranian, French, British, Lebanese, Ukrainian, or American, they all share the same desire to make a difference in people’s lives. Our diverse workforce brings together people from different backgrounds, cultures, experiences, and expertise. This variety of perspectives has enabled us to cultivate an atmosphere of trust and collaboration. Our active promotion of inclusion within our teams has resulted in an environment where every member feels empowered, valued, and able to reach their full potential. As a company, we are proud to attract and retain talents from all around the world.