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Efficient. Durable. Reliable. Our ambulances are paramedics’ workhorses.

Since 1975, Crestline has launched an impressive array of ambulances, buses, limousines, funeral coaches, and other specialty vehicles. We have explored all types, platforms, and technologies, guided by the needs of our paramedics and innovative features developed by our engineers. With nearly 50 years in the industry, we have found our strengths. Focus is the key to success. Today we have streamlined our product offering to focus on our DNA in three ambulance models that have become industry standards. Each model was designed for a specific market or fleet type. Our engineers continue to enhance our products to deliver reliable, durable, safe, low-maintenance ambulances.

Humble, resourceful, dependable ambulances; the can-do attitude is our mindset.

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New Era

The New Era is the most popular ambulance among large urban fleets due to its easy handling in congested streets. It features squad bench seating, plenty of cabinet space, and room for equipment storage.

FleetMax Next Generation

Redesigned with a focus on the paramedic and how they work, this ambulance is the perfect fit for urban and rural services. The top-quality model offers enhanced safety, value-driven features, and helpful technologies.

CCL 150

The CCL 150 was specially designed to meet the US market’s need for an ambulance, offering safety and durability at an affordable price. Unfortunately, it is not available to services in Canada.

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