Crestline Ambulance Features

Decades of product feature evolution make our ambulances unique.

Our ambulance features result from over 48 years of product development and enhancement. The world is evolving, demographics are changing, and how paramedics operate is adjusting to meet these new challenges. As an ambulance manufacturer, we are here to help them develop their work tools to make their day-to-day job easier. To do so, we are continually evolving our products to meet the reality of the field. Based on feedback from paramedics, focus groups, and industry ergonomists, along with research and development, our team is committed to evolving the features of our ambulances.

We stand for excellence.


Our vehicles are workhorses. We know that every second counts, so we design them so paramedics can always count on them, no matter the circumstances.


From the conception to the materials used in their fabrication, our ambulances are built to last. Our lifetime warranties on structure and paint reflect our trust in our products.


No compromise. From the beginning of the cage design, safety for the patient and paramedics is our primary concern. We go beyond the regulatory safety standards and include ergonomic features that reduce stress and discomfort to ease paramedics' work in an even safer environment.


Time is your concern, and our ambulances offer chances to earn precious seconds. But above all, our vehicles are low maintenance and cost-effective. In case of unscheduled downtime, our highly trained Customer Care team is ready to support you with remote diagnostic and service so you can focus on your mission.

Outstanding features for safe and efficient operations.

One of the safest roll cages in the industry

Crestline ambulance's body structure is unique. Its structure, made of bended-roof tubes in extruded aluminum, increases strength and resistance. Our roll cages exceed PAMI test requirements, capable of withstanding 3 times their weight while keeping their doors perfectly functional.

Seamless exterior body for advanced durability

Crestline Ambulance's body structure is built to last, as reflected by our Lifetime Structural Warranty. Our monocoque structure results in a seamless exterior body, eliminating the risk of paint cracking and bubbling, resulting in vehicle downtime.

CrestCoat for lifetime paint

Crestline is the only manufacturer providing powder-coated ambulances in the industry. Crestline paint is one of the safest, most reliable, and most cost-effective methods against corrosion. CrestCoat powder coat paint provides superior resistance and industrial strength durability properties leading to lower operational costs and downtime. As a result of our commitment to durability, we are proud to provide a lifetime paint warranty for our ambulances.

Designed for higher fuel efficiency

Our vehicles are engineered with lightweight thinking to optimize fuel efficiency and reduce operational costs. We carefully calculate lightness and durability when designing the structure to ensure a fuel-efficient and robust vehicle.

Simplified wiring designed to minimize failure

Our engineers take a holistic approach to designing the electrical harness to minimize the points of potential failure. The less connection, the fewer risks of failure. Our electrical harnesses are made in-house by highly trained technicians, allowing us flexibility and responsiveness when it comes to customization. It makes issues easy to diagnose and repair in the field

Rounded corners with extra padding

The rounded edges of the care module are undeniably the most recognizable feature of our Crestline ambulances. The 4-inch radius rounded corners provide the Crestline look, but that's not the only function! In the care module, our engineers round off sharp edges to reduce the risk of injury in the case of impact. We also fit protective cushions for increased safety during transport or in the event of an impact.

Clam doors

These corner doors are an excellent example of another specific attribute of our Crestline ambulance design. We maximize every corner of the ambulance by integrating storage compartments on the back of our modules.

Medic-safe seating

3-point belts come standard on every seat for secure work. Adjustable seats offer ergonomic advantages and easy access to the patient and equipment while remaining secure. The seat slides sideways on a 36" rail. It can be tilted 3.5" towards the patient (7" total travel) and swiveled from 0 to 90 degrees, allowing the paramedic to sit in the direction of motion.

Ergonomic and resistant door handles

Crestline ambulance door handles provide a better grip for paramedics in a hurry. The heavy-duty latch mechanism allows high-level resistance to vibrations and uses for better durability, reducing downtimes.

02 to Go reduces the risk of injuries

This exchange system assists personnel in loading, unloading, and transporting high-pressure tanks safely and effectively. This innovative system relieves the strain on the paramedic's back by supporting the lifting effort. This option is a game changer for paramedics' health and safety at work.

Multiple O2 ports & switching locations

We have placed oxygen outlets at various locations to allow flexibility and responsiveness in paramedics' operations, as well as the ability to provide oxygen to multiple patients.

Enhanced cab design

Ergonomic solutions make paramedics' jobs easier and provide the most comfortable working environment. Our enhanced cab design includes the deepest recess in the industry. 12" cab recess allows full chassis seat to recline 20Ā° for paramedics' comfort. Also, options such as a laptop mount system with recording capabilities are available to make the job easier.

Self-maintaining doors for enhanced safety and reliability

We include more robust rubber door grabbers and a door system that holds the doors open to ease paramedics' operations. All compartment and side entry doors have gas shocks with an over-extension damper for smoother manipulation. The improved door dual-seals and latch on the inboard side significantly reduce failures. This design provides improved operations and limits downtimes.

Ducted HVAC system designed for ease of maintenance

Offers improved air output throughout the ambulance while remaining accessible for quick and easy maintenance.

All aluminum cabinets for durability

Our cabinetry is built to last as long as the ambulance body. Aluminum is a durable material that is lighter and safer than laminated wood, allowing overall vehicle efficiency. Our cabinets have SAE-compliant hardware and are powder coated for easy cleaning and an impeccable appearance throughout the vehicle's service life.

Rear bumper design

Crestline was the first ambulance manufacturer to launch a rear bumper underbody design. Its kick-plate protects the body from impact damage from road debris, preventing corrosion and wear. In case of a rear impact, the rear bumper acts as a shield, guarding the body structure from bending or other damage. This feature prevents costly and time-consuming repair work.

Automotive flush windows

Besides their modern appearance and enhanced visibility, rear automotive-style windows help lower maintenance costs. Compared to a classic window, their design prevents leaks and corrosion. Installing or replacing torn decals is also easier on flush windows.

We have decades of expertise.

Discover how 48 years of manufacturing experience can make a difference in your operations.

Crestline's reliability doesn't stop at the product.

Remote Troubleshooting

Our technical advisors can diagnose 100% of our ambulance electric problems remotely. Our staff is trained and ready to support you through our hotline so you can detect and solve your problems quickly.

Spare Parts Inventory

We hold parts inventory for our customers. Our specialists can help you find the right part for your ambulance. They have deep knowledge of our ambulances, and they can ship parts overnight for emergencies.

Dedicated Customer Care

Talk to people who care about your problem and know how much you depend on your vehicles to achieve your mission. Our staff knows you and will do what it takes to develop a solution for you.