Medavie Health Services Customer Spotlight 

crestline ambulance for Medavie

For every year that goes by, it’s one more year of continuous learning and growth on our part. Although we are proud to say that Crestline has been in business for over 50 years, we have always made sure our clients’ needs are taken care of, and this means treating each project as an opportunity to get even better at what we do.   

Even with many years of experience and a diverse range of projects under our belt, we still view each client as an invaluable opportunity to continually learn and enhance our expertise. What motivates and empowers our team the most is the trust given by our clients to maintain and repair your ambulances, day in and day out. We continuously strive to exceed your expectations, evolve our methods, and provide the best product and service as a result.     

We were lucky enough to have Robert Dziadyk, the Superintendent of Operations for Medavie Health Services in Saskatoon, come visit the Crestline facility. What stood out for him was not only our team paying close attention to what they envisioned but for the team’s ability to quickly offer solutions to meet his demands.  He emphasized that our team’s extensive experience is a significant “asset, especially when something is needed in a hurry.”    

Medavie crestline ambulance

Providing top-quality products is something we are extremely proud of and have worked hard for the last few decades, but what motivates us are the relationships we have built and nurtured along the way. “Crestline’s Customer Care team has always made me feel like my team’s needs are their top priority. They understand that keeping Ambulances on the road and not losing productivity to downtime is a priority 365 days a year,” noted the one who is also an experienced Paramedic.   

 Another very important part of the visit that Robert appreciated was seeing a well-stocked warehouse, filled with essential parts, including older ambulance parts that are still in service today.  He remarked, “If they don’t have it in stock, they likely can create it.”