4 Advantages of In-House Ambulance Installation Services 

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For almost 60 years, Crestline/Demers has been providing quality, safety, durability, and innovation when constructing our ambulances. Crafting vehicles that can help save lives demands a meticulous approach. Every detail is considered, so the vehicle is ready for every possible scenario.

It’s extremely important to us that our clients trust us entirely as their ambulance manufacturer, which means communication is key.At the end of the day, the most important goal is for paramedics to have a reliable, safe vehicle that they can count on to perform their duty of saving lives. For that reason, working collaboratively as a team to ensure that the process is clear is extremely important.

Crestline/Demers is happy to offer both sales and installation services.

Ambulance Installment Services

In addition to fabricating your ambulance, Crestline/Demers offers in-house services such as:

  • Stryker Powerload systems
  • All Acetech and Pran vehicle monitoring and intelligence systems
  • Liquid Spring suspension systems
  • UV Air Sterilization systems by Sanuvox

Benefits of Keeping Services In-House at the Manufacturer

Crestline/Demers is equipped with a team of certified professionals and an entire team of engineers are at your disposal for the installation of ambulance equipment.

Aside from providing a reliable and safe vehicle, the next factors to take into consideration are:

  1. Reduced lead times
  2. Reduced costs
  3. Easy maintenance
  4. Compliance
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1- Lead Time Reduction


While building a new ambulance, it’s always easier to add features and equipment right from the start because the process is significantly streamlined when essential features and equipment are incorporated right from the initial stages. This approach improves the service’s overall efficiency and brings about several advantages in lead time reduction.

Efficient Service at a Single Location

One main factor that helps in terms of lead time reduction is the centralized execution of all necessary work in a single location. Integrating features and equipment during the initial construction phase allows for a seamless workflow. With all elements being assembled and installed in-house, the process becomes more cohesive, minimizing the need for transportation or outsourcing. This efficiency is especially extremely valuable for emergency responders, where time is of the essence, so the vehicle has minimal downtime.

Minimized Waiting Periods for Repairs

Adding features and equipment during the building phase not only streamlines the initial service but also has a substantial impact on potential repairs in the future. In situations where repairs or modifications are needed, having all necessary components readily available reduces waiting times significantly. Opting for an internal installation can be done on-site at our facilities, at your chosen location with the assistance of our mobile technicians, or through one of our OEM Service Centers. This helps to speed up the process, with minimal downtime.

2- Cost Reduction to have installation in-house


Elimination of outsourcing costs

If you select an in-house installation, one of the main advantages is the elimination of outsourcing costs. Having a dedicated team of certified professionals and engineers on-site alleviates the additional costs and lost time. This not only results in savings but also guarantees a more stringent oversight of the complete installation process. The absence of third-party involvement minimizes additional expenses associated with coordination, communication, shipping and potential delays. Keeping installation in-house is a cost-effective strategy that helps with the project’s overall financial efficiency.

Leverage Cost Savings through Large-Scale Part Procurement

Since a manufacturer such as Crestline purchases parts in bulk, this is another significant way to cut costs for emergency response teams. When the installation process is centralized and performed in-house, accessing a bigger variety of products is easier since they’re ordered in larger quantities. This setup lowers the cost for each part and makes sure we consistently get them without any issues.

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Most importantly, when installations are done in-house, there is reduced vehicle downtime from start of production until the vehicle is operational.

3- Post Sales Service and Easier Maintenance


Clear Communication Between Maintenance and Operational Teams

For Crestline/Demers, having clear communication between maintenance and operational teams is crucial post-purchase. This collaboration ensures that any issues identified during operation are quickly communicated to the maintenance team. It facilitates a proactive approach to addressing potential problems, preventing major breakdowns, and maintaining the fleet in optimal condition.

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Clear Documentation of All Work Done on the Vehicle

Thorough and transparent documentation of all work done on each vehicle is essential and includes details about installations, repairs, replacements, and any modifications made to the ambulance.

Having a history of the work done to the vehicle and its maintenance history will help diagnose any potential future issues and speed up the maintenance process. Having any installations done in-house will ensure that the documentation is easily accessible to the maintenance and service team. In addition, clear documentation assists in warranty claims and compliance verification. Manufacturers and maintenance teams can easily refer to records to ensure that all components adhere to industry standards and warranty requirements.

Mobile Service Technicians at Your Disposal

Another important aspect of working with a manufacturer such Crestline/Demers is the ability to offer mobile technician services straight to your location. This service is offered to support our customers, for convenience. Our commitment extends beyond the delivery of your ambulance. Our dedicated Customer Care Technicians make sure to check in with our customers after the vehicle is received, and our sales team conduct follow-ups to ensure everything is running smoothly.

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4- Compliance with Industry Standards


Quality Assurance

Ensuring compliance with jurisdictional and industry standards reflects a commitment to maintaining high-quality products or services. Our team of experts adheres to established standards and follows the required protocols to make sure the product meets or exceeds customer expectations.

Warranty protection

Having warranty protection for your vehicle provides assurance and peace of mind in the event of any issues. It’s crucial to ensure that your vehicle complies with the warranty to cover necessary repairs. If a third party manipulates the vehicle and repairs are needed, the warranty may be compromised, and the expenses incurred might not be covered.

By keeping all work done on your vehicle in-house, your warranty is protected in the case of future installations, maintenance, or repairs. The centralized execution of all work in a single location, coupled with incorporating features during the initial construction phase, significantly reduces lead times for ambulance production with minimal downtime.

Choosing an in-house installation, either on-site at one of our centers, at your location with our mobile technicians, or through one of our OEM Service Centers will ensure compliance with industry standards, while making sure your vehicle is protected by the warranty. Working hand in hand with the manufacturer makes the installation or maintenance process simpler, with less obstacles in between.