Crestline: A Legacy of Quality and Innovation in Manufacturing

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Crestline’s Manufacturing Presence in Saskatoon  

A Little History  

Since 1975, Crestline has always focused on providing quality, safety, durability, and innovation when it comes to our products.  We are constantly striving to exceed and inspire today’s industry standards to serve our customers better. We are committed to ongoing growth, whether in production or team expansion, to further contribute to Saskatchewan’s manufacturing industry. 

Crestline is proud to have a long history of supporting the local, regional, and national communities by providing reliable, secure, and quality vehicles.  

Manufacturing Week Celebration  

Overview of Manufacturing Week  

The Government of Saskatchewan has designated November 22 to 26 as Saskatchewan Manufacturing Week, recognizing the manufacturing sector’s substantial impact on the province’s economy. Comprising over five percent of Saskatchewan’s GDP and employing 29,000 individuals, the manufacturing industry plays a crucial role. Manufacturing shipments in the past year reached $13.4 billion.  

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the province’s manufacturing firms showcased resilience by shifting operations to produce medical supplies and PPE, contributing to local and international efforts. The province aims to bolster manufacturing exports by 50 percent by 2030 as part of its Growth Plan, emphasizing a competitive business environment, market access expansion, and investment incentives. 

Crestline’s Participation and Involvement  

Crestline is looking forward to participating in a Philippine Recruitment Mission, December 11-14, 2023, in Manila. The Government of Saskatchewan is working with the Philippine government to support and help navigate the immigration and recruitment process for employers and new hires. 

Crestline currently employs 290 employeesWe added 73 employees to the team in 2023 and have another 28 positions to fill in the next six months. We would like to reach 350 employees by the end of the year.  

manufacturing week crestline manuquest

Special Events, Activities, or Initiatives Led by Crestline 

On Monday, November 20th Crestline hosted the Official Proclamation of Manufacturing Week in Saskatchewan.  Representatives from the Government of Saskatchewan MLA Terry Jenson, Hon. Doug Morgan, Ministry of Trade and Export Development, and Saskatoon business organizations gathered at the facility for the event followed by a facility tour. 

Crestline partners with the Saskatoon Industry – Education Council annually for their Manufacturing Week event, Manuquest.  This year 25 students and chaperones from Warman High visited the facility on Wednesday, November 22.  This annual event engages youth in exploring careers in manufacturing by providing “hands-on” opportunities with various programs at Saskatchewan Polytechnic along with company site tours to see and hear from the industry about opportunities in the sector.   

Crestline’s Impact on the Local Economy 

Job Creation and Employment Opportunities  

Crestline has grown to over 290+ diverse employees, providing products to our North American clients in Canada and the US. We’re proud to be working with many talented people who work hard to get our products out with as little delay as possible while maintaining quality standards. We are always looking for amazing people to join our team, contribute to Saskatchewan’s manufacturing sector, and most importantly, make a real difference in the world of emergency response and the bus industry by delivering Crestline ambulances and buses to our local and international customers.  

This is all done through employee empowerment, training & development, and internal growth opportunities. All of these components are built into our DNA to provide employees with a space so they can thrive and grow along with us for many years to come.  

crestline manufacturing week

Crestline’s Dedication to Cost Savings and Adding Value 

Crestline is committed to saving costs and enhancing value. We’re pleased to provide our ambulance remount service, replacing the existing body and components with a new chassis. This extends the vehicle’s life by 5-7 years. Our dedicated customer care team extends this service to both customers and non-customers, aiming to save costs and prolong the vehicle’s lifespan. 

Crestline’s longstanding commitment to quality, safety, and innovation has played a pivotal role in Saskatchewan’s manufacturing landscape. As we celebrate Manufacturing Week, we take pride in our history of supporting local communities and contributing to the province’s economy. Looking ahead, Crestline remains devoted to providing job opportunities, supporting the local economy, and delivering quality vehicles that make a real difference in emergency response and bus transit. A big thank you to our employees, partners, and the community for their ongoing support as we strive to be a driving force in Saskatchewan’s manufacturing success. We look forward to many more years of growth, collaboration, and positive impact!  

crestline manufacturing week manuquest